We are an action group for Solicitors pursuing trading losses for your business if the business has been adversely impacted by COVID-19. We can potentially claim all losses that your business has experienced throughout the pandemic providing the losses are over £20k. Our primary function is to confirm if you have a business insurance policy confirming cover in 2020? And that you are motivated to claim these monies   

We understand that some of you will have already tried to claim directly with your insurers and are still unsure of the outcome. If you feel as though you would like us to take over the claims process against them then we are happy to oblige. 

Our fees are competitive and we intend to deliver clear updates to clients and informed throughout the process. 

Let us do the fighting for you! No win No Fee Specialist Business Interruption claims litigators. 

In the event that we are successful you can be assured that your certified profit losses during the period 2020/21 will be covered. This is good news all around for all businesses.

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How we work


We know that businesses need these monies to continue trading, and it feels like the insurance companies have deliberately attempted to avoid liability for Business Interruption Insurance and make policy holders believe that there is no milage in claiming. As experienced claim litigators we are keen to speak to all business owners that hold an insurance policy with Business Interruption Insurance included in the policy.

Step 1

The claims are ready to be processed upon and our friendly dynamic team taking your enquiry and getting the claims pack to you and returned. Then we are ready to action your claim and obtain redress for “Lost Profits’ Due to CV19.

Step 2

If you are happy to instruct us to act for your business then you will need to complete our terms of business and 3rd party authorities allowing us to make contact to various parties on your behalf. You will need to scan 2 forms of ID and your insurance policy, this is easy to do on our application.  

Step 3

Once we have received this then your information/data will be assessed and the fact find begins on valuing and structuring the information for the claim.


That’s ok. There some critical things you will need to do. You will need to get us a copy of the policy, we may need to get certain confirmation from your accountant and insurance broker. Hopefully you are on good terms with them. But we know in many instances accountants are reluctant to put any more time in especially if they feel that they haven’t been paid. Our services extend to making contact with these accountants and trying to leverage them to do the work on the basis that we need them to help you to help them to get paid. It’s in everyone’s interest to get these claims settled and paid.

Of course you can do it yourself if you are minded to. But remember not everyone is legal savvy and it will likely take 60 concentrated hours to achieve. You may receive an offer. However the positives in letting us manage it for you are that you have legal experts managing your claim for you. They will be able to measure the claimable losses and push for that figure. Opposed to the legal department of an insurance company who are paid to avoid liability where they can.

Of course you can but be aware that your broker has already been paid in the policy they have sold you. There is nothing in it for them for getting a full payout. This is why it’s worth considering letting a no win no fee service to do the job. After all you want to get this matter settled quickly with the money in your account.

This is a difficult position especially if they are holding all your records. Somehow you need to find a way of getting your books and records back. This situation must be solved or you probably will not be able to pursue a claim.

Yes you can. The rules are clearly defined and your claim will only be for the certifiable financial losses due to CV19. The calculus is the calculus and if you are being managed by an insolvency practitioner then they will be able to receive these claims monies and distribute the payments where they see fit. The insolvency practitioner will have to sign the no win no fee contract.

That’s ok. Only you know how you are progressing with this. So if you feel that you’ve had enough and you want to engage a law firm to deal with it for you then you can. It works in exactly the same way.